Games (Page 1, Sorted By Popularity)

  • Bee Sting

    Bee StingRating
    Plays: 15904

    Move your bee with WASD and shoot with the mouse. You can buy special items to extend your life and shield capacity by 50%play the game

  • Bowman 2

    Bowman 2Rating
    Plays: 6051

    Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with a mouse!play the game

  • 3D Swat

    3D SwatRating
    Plays: 5411

    3D Swatplay the game

  • RED

    Plays: 5199

    Shoot the asteroids with spacebar and aim by clicking. keep your station alive as long as the game

  • Rambo Bros

    Rambo BrosRating
    Plays: 2544

    Rambo Bros is a modified shoot 'em up using the Mario brother as the main characters. You get a sniper rifle at the beginning, and the object of the game is to shoot down the 'guards' (turtles from Mario games).

    Points in the game rack the game

  • Rapid Fire

    Rapid FireRating
    Plays: 2589

    Shoot the targets to proceed the next level. Be careful, you can only make 5 the game

  • Alien Clones

    Alien ClonesRating
    Plays: 1928

    Be fast and accurate - defend yourself from the onslaught of alien the game

  • Flash Strike

    Flash StrikeRating
    Plays: 2189

    Shoot the baddies with your various guns in Flash the game

  • 2D Army Swat

    2D Army SwatRating
    Plays: 2750

    Shoot The drunk Terrorists That Are Popping Out From Behind The Different Objects In Front Of You, But Do Not Shoot The civilians Walking Around In Front Of You, Also Watch Out For The Terrorists That Are Far Away, Remember They Are Also Shooting the game

  • Zombie Horde 2

    Zombie Horde 2Rating
    Plays: 2553

    Are YOU man enough to handle being out in the wild with zombies coming at you?play the game