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  • FireRocket

    Plays: 649392

    Fly your firework through the busy night sky. Collect the upgrades on the way to unleash the biggest bang possible!play the game

  • Flightpath

    Plays: 149335

    ***** Flightpath competition: ***** You've got a million mile quota and a lot of parcels to deliver - so get flying! The aim of the game is to use the mouse to fly your plane around the world, picking up parcels in the the game

  • Easy Chess

    Easy ChessRating
    Plays: 82873

    As the title says, this is an easy chess game to play the game

  • Soldier Survival

    Soldier SurvivalRating
    Plays: 96781

    You ejected from your aircraft in an emergency and landed behind enemy lines, now all you need to do is survive... as long as you can! The longer you stay alive the higher your score! Shoot soldiers with guns for ammo pickups!play the game

  • Ski Chalet Escape 2

    Ski Chalet Escape 2Rating
    Plays: 81992

    Escape the second room of the Ski Chalet to get outside!play the game

  • Mario Smash Bros

    Mario Smash BrosRating
    Plays: 23811

    An awesome flash-remake of super smash brothers! 1 player story mode and training, as well as 2 player battle. Use nintendo characters as well as sega!play the game

  • Circle The Cat

    Circle The CatRating
    Plays: 21208

    This puzzle will keep you busy for hours - you have to catch the cat by drawing circles around him to confine him to a single the game

  • Causality

    Plays: 20525

    Use your mouse to interact with the level and kill all the stickmen on the level. But don't let any stickman see you kill another!play the game

  • Match + Remove

    Match + RemoveRating
    Plays: 15095

    Erase all figures from the field. Items of the same colour can be removed in one click if touching. Good the game

  • A cool single and 2 person game where you fight agents from the matrix. You can even use the infamous bullet-time to slow right down and dodge those bullets!play the game