The best casino games for Xbox live

May 22nd, 2013

Truth be told, there isn’t much of a market for a full casino experience on the Xbox, or on any home console for that matter. There are some games that contain a small casino style section or have a few casino themed levels, but there really aren’t that many games that are dedicated to the online casino game style. Occasionally a game will be released and there will be an element of the game that revolves around casino games, but one game really pushed it to the limit like no other game before or since has even attempted.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 was one of the premier racing games on the planet. You took part in races, built up your skills and your collection of cars and continued to take on all comers in pursuit of the number one spot. Around six months after its release the company put out a DLC package that offered new races, new houses, new cars and a casino. Not only could you play poker, slots and Blackjack in the hopes of winning more money to upgrade your fleet of tricked out racers, you could play these games with up to 32 people across Xbox Live.

This innovative way of bringing the online casino to the home console made the game moderately popular among players. The only problem was that if you wanted to get to the casino content, you had to play the racing part of the game first. This undoubtedly turned some players off, but the game made a valiant attempt at bringing online casino games, such as those found at, to the slightly bigger screen. Until a really dedicated online casino game comes along, we’ll just have to make do with Test Drive Unlimited 2, or play our poker on a home computer.

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