Games (Page 42, Sorted By Popularity)

  • Biking

    Plays: 1017

    You are an immigrant. Avoid the police for as long as you can!play the game

  • Invisibility

    Plays: 1017

    Are you clever and calm enough to use your mouse with your eyes closed and not go mad?play the game

  • Thunder Plunder

    Thunder PlunderRating
    Plays: 1017

    Borg the Viking has a liking for plundering. Help him to collect the booty!play the game

  • Caves Of Mordor

    Caves Of MordorRating
    Plays: 1016

    Become a hero by eliminating the evil Orcs from the caves of Mordor and save middle the game

  • Kerry Bush Bash

    Kerry Bush BashRating
    Plays: 1015

    Finally a real educational game. History at its best!play the game

  • Bungee Bandit

    Bungee BanditRating
    Plays: 1015

    In this game you bungee jump from a high pole and collect as many coins and do it as quickly as the game

  • Build A Robot

    Build A RobotRating
    Plays: 1015

    Make your own dream robot in this online workshop, by joining together numerous different the game

  • Jump en Glide

    Jump en GlideRating
    Plays: 1014

    Help this guy go forward, collect bonuses and avoid troubles!play the game

  • The Lord Of the Ring

    The Lord Of the RingRating
    Plays: 1014

    Win the battle and save the world from the dark power of Mordor!play the game

  • Metroid Elements

    Metroid ElementsRating
    Plays: 1014

    Guide Samus Aran through the dangerous Pyramid and destroy all the Metroids and defeat the game