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  • In this game you go bump into the game

  • Cave Escape 2

    Cave Escape 2Rating
    Plays: 2133

    Use your speed and telekinetic powers to escape the cave!play the game

  • Armor Heroes

    Armor HeroesRating
    Plays: 1588

    Pick from the Ten Heroes, each with there own Special Attack as they tackle wave after wave of enemies, and discover the best combos to do it with!play the game

  • Thing Thing 2

    Thing Thing 2Rating
    Plays: 1584

    More weapons, more levels, more enemies, more Thing-Thing!play the game

  • Sneak Attack

    Sneak AttackRating
    Plays: 1266

    Synj is on a sneak attack against the evil forest-gnomes with his sword and flame breath!play the game

  • Aquarium Sprengischen

    Aquarium SprengischenRating
    Plays: 1260

    Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up the game

  • Turtle Brawl

    Turtle BrawlRating
    Plays: 1566

    The turtles are back! Help them fighting against the ninja's!play the game

  • Defend yourself against the evil Mutant Dictator Clones and win a prize... um... actually, there is no prize... just survive as long as possible... MUHAHAHAAAAA!play the game

  • Chicken attack

    Chicken attackRating
    Plays: 1558

    Defend the mansion from the infected chickens!!play the game

  • Agent Footy

    Agent FootyRating
    Plays: 2064

    In this game you need to collect as much money as possible and put it into a the game