Games (Page 17, Sorted By Popularity)

  • Ninja Golf

    Ninja GolfRating
    Plays: 1287

    Play golf, kill all animals, ninjas and the dragon and achieve nirvana!play the game

  • Stai Ruere

    Stai RuereRating
    Plays: 1285

    Drive a riot truck around the city and spray water using a the game

  • Alchemist Flame Out

    Alchemist Flame OutRating
    Plays: 1282

    Help Colonel Roy, the flame alchemist, to destroy the attacking hordes of chimeras using his the game

  • Operation Thunder

    Operation ThunderRating
    Plays: 1281

    Cruel Lee has held 200 soldiers hostage. As Capt.George, your mission is to rescue the soldiers from his heavily guarded the game

  • Bibo 2

    Bibo 2Rating
    Plays: 1281

    Save your monkey friends and defeat the enemiesplay the game

  • Shurken

    Plays: 1278

    Throw ninja stars and try to survive in the field!play the game

  • Bleach

    Plays: 1277

    Show your fighting skills and kill some alien creatures!play the game

  • Angryelf

    Plays: 1271

    Don't let the elves spoil Christmas and kill as many of them as you can!play the game

  • Monster Bash

    Monster BashRating
    Plays: 1269

    Help Bob Bolt clear the place of the pesky monsters by clicking on them!play the game

  • Alpha Force

    Alpha ForceRating
    Plays: 1268

    Search the weakest spot of your enemies and try to survive!play the game