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  • Soldier Survival

    Soldier SurvivalRating
    Plays: 96779

    You ejected from your aircraft in an emergency and landed behind enemy lines, now all you need to do is survive... as long as you can! The longer you stay alive the higher your score! Shoot soldiers with guns for ammo pickups!play the game

  • Mission Impossible

    Mission ImpossibleRating
    Plays: 77341

    Complete the missions which could be the game

  • Stickman Sam 4

    Stickman Sam 4Rating
    Plays: 79965

    Stickman Sam 4play the game

  • A cool single and 2 person game where you fight agents from the matrix. You can even use the infamous bullet-time to slow right down and dodge those bullets!play the game

  • Naughty Classroom

    Naughty ClassroomRating
    Plays: 13312

    Being Naughty was never so much fun as this. Every combo you pull off shows you just a little more of this hot redhead teacher. Maybe you can be the next class clown!play the game

  • Alias

    Plays: 13155

    Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage. Ready for battle? Be prepared for an interesting action game with plenty of shoot em up situations. Take a deep breath and take this little guy on an adventure through a world of droids, the game

  • NanoCell

    Plays: 7825

    Shoot all the bacteria in the blood stream using your nano bot!play the game

  • Last man standing

    Last man standingRating
    Plays: 5620

    Civil war cannon dual!play the game

  • Alien Slayer 3D

    Alien Slayer 3DRating
    Plays: 5026

    Have no mercy on the aliens in the awesome first person shooter. Best game of the year!play the game

  • Indiana Jones

    Indiana JonesRating
    Plays: 5827

    Help Indiana Jones find the the lost treasure of Pharaoh, but watch out for the booby traps set to stop you. Normal keyboard arrow keys to move left/right and jump. But use the up key to go forward when in the labrynthplay the game